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Co-founded by a group of scientists, designers, and an economist, Green Studios is a landscape architecture, science, and technology platform specialized in hydroponic systems that make farming in cities possible and easy to apply. 

Established in 2010, our roots have spread from Beirut to Los Angeles with a series of innovations that are based on a smart and flexible ‘skin’ that can be installed on virtually any surface imaginable, anywhere in the world.

Outside of the box individuals, long hours unaffected, excited explorers, achievers and positive thinkers.

With great courage, integrity, and love – we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where our communities and planet may flourish.


Change peoples’ experiences inside dense urban setups by making landscape and farming technology accessible to everyone. 


Invite nature into concrete jungles and revitalize the hottest cities on earth by engineering living walls and roof gardens with high weather adaptable features.

Deliver 1 sqm hydroponic micro-farms to anyone anywhere.

our awards

  • Green Studio Awards 2011

    1st prize at the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan-Arab region competition for its innovation in the field of green walls and roof gardens.

  • Green Studio Awards 2012

    Lebanon Best Business of the Year

  • Green Studio Awards 2014

    Selected in the 52nd International Selection Panel at Endeavor Indonesia

Dubai Municipality Award

GREENSTUDIOS was awarded by the Dubai Municipality, for its achievements and contribution to the environment after creating a living wall that covers the facade of the Municipality’s head office building. An iconic project that was Green Studios’ first major project in the UAE and a huge endorsement of its capabilities and professionalism. One of the first of its kind in the region in terms of scale, which stands 33 meters tall.


our track record

Green Studios Track Record

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