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More Greenery with Green Studios


Innovative Landscapes is a concept that allows plants to grow where greenery was once thought impossible. It’s an ongoing experimental process to redefine space where unconventional planting is now made possible through Green Studios’ patented hydroponic skin. It is a collaborative lab that combines Design & Technology, in a cycle of continuous research and trials to explore the skin’s ultimate potential.

Inside//Out is an installation by Green Studios in PIAFF’ vitrine for this Spring/Summer 2016 collection, where green shapes invade the spaces between the mannequins to create a fresh perspective for urban green spaces. The planted shapes float at different heights, and provide a dynamic fragmented green space that changes the way gardens are applied in the city. As Spring came around, parts of the city bloomed and green colors spread around the streets of Beirut, some of that green was found hanging at PIAFF’s, inspiring a new wave of change, whether in the art of fashion or landscape design. The concept of the floating planted shapes is to have a flexible planted structure that can insert gardens in any space that we choose removing the barrier between the urban and the green.

Kimabaya is another innovative landscape by Green Studios, a collaboration with “milia m” for Beirut Design Week 2016. “Combining the lines of a kimono and the abaya is the Kimabaya, a delicate and unique coat design that works to combine cultures as well as comfort.”, and now combined with plants. It’s an abstract re-birth of the iconic Kimabaya coat in Green Studios’ skin, intricately stitched and woven with plant patterns and textures. The idea behind it is to have as well, a flexible, portable landscape, that can be displayed anywhere. The entire garment is covered with hydroponic skin, and parts of it are stitched with plants, creating different volumes and textures, with the use of moss and other types of voluminous plants. When worn, the planted Kimabaya is in face a movable, walking garden that can roam in the city spreading it’s green touches and fashionable style all around.