Jamil Corbani // High-Impact Endeavor Entrepreneur

Lebanese Entrepreneurs Jean-Marc Ingea, CEO of Elcir and Jamil Corbani, founder of Green Studios, selected to Join the Endeavor Global Network as High-Impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Beirut, March 11 2014 – Endeavor, the non-profit organization leading the global movement supporting High-Impact Entrepreneurs, selected Jean-Marc Ingea, CEO of upscale interior furniture and woodwork company Elcir, and Jamil Corbani, founder of floral walls and roof gardens company

Green Studios, to join its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs. The selection took place at Endeavor’s 52 International Selection Panel (ISP) held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in February 2014. Jean-Marc Ingea and Jamil Corbani are the 16 and 17 Endeavor Lebanon Entrepreneurs.

Green Studios: A Business Built for the Future

Founded in 2010, Green Studios produces floral walls and roof gardens. A first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, the company reintroduces nature into the increasingly concrete landscape of cities. By combining stylish designs from a choice of 200 plants and a pioneering proprietary technology to build a beautiful botanic structure that is compatible with various weather conditions, Green Studios is well-positioned to compete globally in a market valued at $6 billion. The company’s system is the only one designed for extreme hot weathers and is filed for a US patent in New York.

Over a short three-year period since its inception, Green Studios has attracted premier clients such as Lebanon’s leading real estate developer SOLIDERE and completed outstanding projects including an 812 square meters roof garden on the top of the Central Bank in Beirut. In 2013, the company opened an office in Egypt and won a bid to construct a 380 square meters green wall in Egypt’s first smart business complex Raya Plaza. The firm has also strengthened its presence through an exclusive partnership with Zinco, one of the world’s leaders in green roof technology. Green Studios has also signed one of the world’s biggest high-rise residential green wall projects, designed by

Pritzker Price awards winners, international architects Herzog & De Meuron in Solidere. Green Studios takes a position as a revered corporate citizen, by sponsoring scholarships forarchitecture students in Lebanon.

Behind this remarkable success, Jamil Corbani stands as an inspiring role model for the coming generation of Lebanese entrepreneurs. “The Endeavor selection process was both exciting and helpful for us as we were able to look at our business from a new perspective and with a more critical eye. We see tremendous growth opportunities as a result of

Endeavor’s mentorship and networking support in the future, as we face up to the challenges of entering new countries and developing our marketing strategy in order to meet our $10 million revenue target in 3 years”, said Corbani.


52 ISP: 16 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 7 Countries Join the Endeavor Network

The entrepreneurs were chosen at a panel held in Jakarta, Indonesia from February 19 – 21, where panelists from nine countries interviewed candidates about their businesses and high-impact potential. The panel then voted on which candidates should become Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and selected 16 High-Impact Entrepreneurs leading 11 companies from Lebanon, Egypt, , Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico. Brief descriptions of the selected entrepreneurs and companies are available through this link. Endeavor now supports 888 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 569 companies in 19 countries.

Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries. Endeavor will host four additional International


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