Global Green

Green Studios is a collective, Lebanon can be proud of; a pioneer in the field of landscape technology, the company is pushing boundaries all over the world. Green studios raison d'etre is simple, this dynamic firm aims to improve the quality of life in the cities of the world by reconnecting the urban sprawl to nature through science and design.

Taking on the brutal climate of places like the Gulf, Green Studio's living walls are defying conventions and appearing in some of the most challenging environments in the world. The company's proprietary smart hydroponic sponge ‘skin’ is the key to it all. Connected to a smart system with sensors, it adjusts its water and nutrition levels according to the outdoor environment and allows plants to settle practically anywhere.

After six years of design and experimentation, the firm has mastered the technology of Mutated Landscaping and, thanks  to this remarkable new innovation, has proved that successful planting can now occur anywhere in the world and on any surface using their patented Skin technology.

Green Studio's products and services also open a door for artists and the skin's technology can be used in installations, art pieces, new builds and more. Impossibly exciting, the skin is just the starting point. With this in mind, the firm aims to impact green architecture the world over, empower citizens with green space and farming opportunities.

Using the Skin technology, Green Studios has been working to raise awareness among creatives, designers and architects, placing these remarkable green tools into the hands of those who can create something truly inspiring.

Despite the challenges presented by the region's environment, Green Studio's technology makes executing complex plantings and design surprisingly easy. The system is entirely standardized and developed to the extent that the Green Studios team can introduce it on the other side of the Atlantic by training teams in the US. One such project that made use of the technology was the American Tea Room Downtown in Los Angeles. Green Studios designed and supplied a custom green wall system using its skin technology and oversaw the installation. Given how complex the technology is, the fact that it can be so standardized as to enable installations on the other side of the world is incredible.

Closer to home Green Studios also worked on Beirut Terraces, a vertical village in the heart of Downtown Beirut. Designed by world famous Herzog & De Meuron and internationally  renowned landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic, the project allows residents to experience all four seasons through a series of shifting sceneries with their own homes. Vertical green curtains act as a separator between neighbouring dwellings while simultaneously tempering the climate and providing shade. Green Studios executed the creation of 100 living walls, all in differing exposures of light, wind and temperature. This immensely complex project marries architectural and design elements like few others and includes features such as doors covered by living walls to create a green haven.

In the UAE, a living wall by Green Studios covers the facade of Dubai Municipality. An iconic project the wall is one of the first of its kind in the region in terms of size. It stands 33 meters tall and outdoors despite the harsh environmental conditions. The success of this project leads Green Studios to believe that the area is perfect for their technology. Many outdoor living wall projects have failed in the past however, with Green Studio's Hydroponic Skin technology, which was conceived and patented for hot weather environments, living walls have become a solution again. Recently Dubai Municipality approved the system and is confident to showcase it to the public on it’s own headquarter façade. It appears that living walls are indeed possible in the UAE and the design possibilities are certainly exciting.

Green Studios, this inspirational local company, is continuing to push the envelope and we hope to be hearing more from them in the future, this is a firm to follow.