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The biophilia hypothesis suggests that people possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, which are essential to their physical and mental health, productivity and wellbeing.

Most of our modern buildings and cities have become places of extensive environmental damage and are increasing our separation if not alienation from nature.

In architecture, biophilic design is a sustainable design strategy that incorporates reconnecting people with the natural environment.

It may be seen as a necessary complement to green architecture,but it focuses more on the wellbeing of those who use the spaces.

A lot of evidence is beginning to reveal the positive affects of biophilic design, including enhanced learning, recovery from illness, improved work performance, creativity and a state of well-being. It can even extend beyond individual buildings to entire neighborhoods and even cities, where connections to nature can contribute to a higher quality of life.

Biophilic design makes us realize how much we still depend on  the beneficial contact with nature to be healthy, productive and whole.


1. Natural light from windows, skylights, clerestory openings; full-spectrum artificial light sources that complement daylight; dynamic light of varying intensity via facades, shades, shutters and apertures.
2. Exterior views. A distant view past a close view gives perspective and a sense of connection to a wider ecosystem.

3. Water sources such as fountains, ponds and water features, that can be seen, heard and touched.
4. Rich sensory stimuli that reference nature; scented plants, plants that change colour seasonally, plants positioned to move in breezeways, open flames, tactile materials. Minimally processed materials that reflect the local ecology; natural fibres such as leather, stone, timber and handmade objects.

At Green Studios our objective is to enhance communities and create a positive synergy between people and their ecosystem by making landscape and farming technology accessible to everyone.

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