Landscape ME

Impossible is Nothing 

At Green Studios, we realise that the space outside homes and offices could and should be as aesthetically pleasing, emotionally stimulating, and enjoyably soothing as the space inside. On buildings, natural flora offers not so much an escape from city living as a tempting suggestion of what can be achieved. The idea is to merge structures and landscaping into a striking and delightful whole. 

Urban environments are continually changing, diversifying and sprawling. And each phase of their development brings a unique set of confronts on how cities can remain healthy, appealing and create long-term sustainability. 

The most crucial question facing urban areas today is how to keep residents and workers attracted to live in, work in and participate in the city. At Green Studios, we focus on these challenges as part of our raison d’etre and endeavour to breathe life into towns and neighborhoods by creating spaces that that make people feel emotionally connected, thoroughly engaged and immensely fulfilled.

We believe that landscaping projects should be completed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. There are many ways to make the process greener, and we do our level best to stay up-to-speed with the latest practices and concepts.

Our diverse team of architects, designers, technologists and scientists dream about this every day. The level of pride, love and attention to detail they apply is truly inspiring and each of their ideas is intentional and thoughtful. And after seven painstaking years of design and experimentation in locations as diverse as Los Angeles and Beirut, we finally mastered the technology of Mutated Landscaping and, thanks to this remarkable new innovation, have proved that successful planting can now occur anywhere in the world and on any surface, using what is known as hydroponic ‘skin’ technology. 

A subset of hydroculture, the word hydroponic comes from Latin and means ‘working water.’ It is basically the art of growing florae without soil, in an aquatic-based environment, using mineral nutrients to feed the plants.

This means we are no longer limited by climate or by season in the pursuit of environmental serenity. We can now grow virtually any plant at virtually any time of the year. The only limitation is our imagination. 

A case in point: In the United Arab Emirates, where the sun’s rays are often mercilessly harsh especially during summer months, we embarked upon a challenging project with Dubai Municipality. The first of its kind in the region in terms of scale, we covered the façade of their head office building using our unique skin technology. The result is a living wall capable of withstanding uncompromising heat, combined with the blessing of striking visual appeal all year round.

With our skin technology in mind, we have been working to raise awareness among designers, architects and anyone in creative fields. Mutated Landscaping opens the door for various artisans, where the technology can be used in art installations, new builds and more. Impossibly exciting, our aim is to impact green architecture the world over, empower citizens with green spaces and even encourage urban farming opportunities. 

The possibilities are infinite. So too are the benefits of green walls and roof gardens. Aesthetic appeal aside, green walls tend to reduce urban heat, air pollutants and dust as well as offset the carbon footprint of people and fossil fuel emissions. Green walls insulate and cool buildings, protect them from the elements and create habitats for birds and insects, which enhances biodiversity. In addition, the technology increases real estate value and can be used for growing food in an urban setting.

Roof gardens reduce storm water runoff, retain rainwater and, together with plants, return a portion of this water to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration. They also decrease heat and cause buildings to consume less energy, leading to significant cost savings. In summer, a roof garden protects the building from direct solar heat and during winter months, minimises heat loss. It also gives the home a delightful additional ‘room’ to savour with family and friends.

Skin technology has resulted in us winning numerous awards and the respect of our peers. For example, Green Studios was winner of the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan Arab Region for Innovation in Green Walls and Roof Gardens in 2011; Lebanon Best Business of the Year award 2012; Endeavour High Impact Entrepreneur 2014 and Dubai Municipality awarded us for our contribution to the environment in 2015. We have showcased our technology in Los Angeles, Cairo, Dubai and Beirut and we have projects up and running in Stuttgart, New Jersey, Amman and many other locations where our solution is in demand.

At Green Studios our objective is so enhance communities, not only where people work but also where they live. We want environs and the people in them to feel emotionally rewarded at all times. For that reason, we are a dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all, in the most natural ways imaginable.