Jamil Corbani


Realizing the potential for hydroponics to transform the Middle East’s urban landscapes, Jamil Corbani founded Green Studios in 2010. The company today designs and installs its proprietary green walls and roofs, and provides 360 degrees support from conceptual design to technical support until installation. Using its proprietary technology, which pumps water through a synthetic “skin” on which the plants grow, Green Studios builds walls that require three times less water than competitors. With this technology, it is able to plant all types of plants on any shape/surface, all while increasing plant growth up to 300%.

As the global market for green roofs and walls grows, Green Studios stands to become the global reference for green installations customized to inhospitable climates. It has implemented projects in a number of different markets, spanning from Los Angeles to Dubai. In Lebanon and the US, Jamil has secured several patents and patents-pending for his innovative smart systems, which capture climate information and calibrate water dispersal to sustain conditions optimal for botanic growth while conserving water. Through its exclusive partnership with ZinCo, a world leader in green roof technology, Green Studios is beginning to install, at ZinCo’s Head Quarters in Stuttgart Germany, its proprietary systems to launch its commercial business in Europe.

Green Studios has become the first company to combine green installation technology with design for extremely warm-weather environments and now is moving to the extremely cold ones. To date, the company has completed over 80 projects worldwide, mostly in MENA, the most water-scarce in the world.