The Big 5

The BIG 5 GAIA Awards

Green Studios was part of the 2017 BIG 5 International Building & Construction Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

A panel of industry experts with acclaimed credentials have shortlisted the top green construction products that are currently being distributed in the MENA region.

Pulling ahead of 100+ companies that initially applied to the GAIA Awards, Green Studios was shortlisted amongst "The Top Green Products for Construction 2017"

“The Gaia Award is a reflection of the maturity level The Big 5 has reached and the new path is drawn to immerse renewable energy solutions. It’s the best way to recognize and award the companies and innovative solutions that might be known in a limited profile.” Says Chair of the Judging Panel Anwaar Al Shimmari, Director of the Design Department - United Arab Emirates Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

“The Big 5 has proudly hosted the Gaia awards since 2008 in a consistent effort to honour those construction equipment and products that have truly integrated the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment.” Says Portfolio Event director of The Big 5, Josine Heijmans. She adds that “the increasing demand for sustainable building solutions is becoming a global requirement and an unavoidable challenge for the construction industry. It is essential that we notice the top innovative products in order to allow a market growth that is free of interruption.”

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