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Imagine car park tents, floating plants, green grass on benches, and wearable gardens that redefine fashion, all of which are current novelties in the world of landscape design.

In Art & Innovation, a range of Green Studios’ spectrum, everything is possible. In it, we redefine the space where plants grow thanks to our patented hydroponic skin. It is an ongoing research, testing and experimentation process as we continue to discover new ways, techniques, and locations to place plants where it was once thought impossible.

Combining Design & Technology in a cycle of continuous research to expand the skin’s ultimate potential.


  • What shapes can I choose for my installation?

    We would be happy to offer design options to our customers. Our main designer or architect will bring your concepts to life.

  • How long will my installation last?

    If engineered to be a permanent installation and properly maintained, it can live through a building's entire life cycle. Should it be used as a temporary installation, then it should be frequently handled for to last for extended periods.

  • What type of plants can I use?

    Depending on the country, climate and level of sun exposure, a wide variety of outdoor plants are grown on our high-tech skin, from grasses, ground covers, flowering plants, ferns, shrubs, succulent plants, trees, and vegetables. Generally speaking, plants with similar needs in water that live in your environment, will easily thrive in our hydroponic skin.

  • How do I take care of my installation?

    We happily deliver a useful maintenance manual for every installation we deliver.

  • Where can I place my installation?

    Anywhere that is nicely ventilated, where natural sunlight or artificial lights can supply your installation with the necessary amount of photosynthesis for it to stay healthy.