A group of scientists and designers immersed in a mission to invent solutions to bring back nature in the middle of jungles of concrete, in cities where hot temperatures reach the highest level on the planet. That mission kicked off in 2010 from Los Angeles and Beirut and gave birth to a series of inventions revolving around a smart and soft material that we can patch on literally any surface and that can thrive with plants and even can lead to proper farming in cities. Recognized for its achievement in the field and having won numerous awards for its breakthroughs (winner of the MIT enterprise forum of the pan Arab region competition for its innovation in the field of Green Walls and Roof Gardens (2011), winner of Lebanon best business of the year (2012) , selected Endeavor high impact entrepreneur (2014) and awarded from Dubai Municipality for its contribution to the environment (2015)), that young company has showcased its technology in Los Angeles, Kuwait, Dubai, Beirut and is commissioned on projects in Stuttgart , New Jersey, Jordan and many other cities where the solution is in demand. Starting up small with a mission to change people’s experience inside dense urban setups, today the company is in business with world leaders in the field, academic research centers, governmental and semi-governmental entities and its constantly looking to disrupt the market of vertical and roof gardens.

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